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Using crypto to target social protection

We develop initiatives that promote technological inclusion and provide real development opportunities in a transparent and decentralized manner.

We aim to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to vulnerable communities, creating an equitable, inclusive, and sustainable society.

Our programs foster digital literacy, remove access barriers and promote employability in these sectors.

Taller de aPRENDOcripto en Retiro
Taller de aPRENDOcripto en Retiro
Taller de aPRENDOcripto en Retiro

Annual Report 2022/2023

We invite you to review a summary of all the work and achievements
we were able to accomplish in the past year.

Taller inicial de #aPRENDOcripto en Barrio 31.

In a world increasingly permeated by technology, the traditional paradigms of inequality and poverty need to be rethought.

The lack of opportunities, combined with a insufficient understanding about innovative technologies like blockchain, primarily affects the most vulnerable sectors.

Taller de aPRENDOcripto en una oganizacon barrial
Taller de aPRENDOcripto en una escuela técnica
Taller aPRENDOcripto con la visita de Aya Miyaguchi


We contribute to social inclusion and the development of vulnerable communities through:

  • Development of a Latin American digital learning community

  • Promotion of digital literacy and removal of access barriers to the blockchain ecosystem

  • Enhancement of personal, professional development and employability of youth in vulnerable communities

APRENDO ecosystem

At APRENDO, we focus on closing the digital divide in Latin America, using technology as a catalyst for social and economic change. Our programs are designed to empower traditionally marginalized communities through blockchain education and digital literacy.


We work on the following pillars to achieve our goals:

#APRENDOcripto: This is an onboarding course for young individuals, serving as a gateway to our programs. It is an innovative program that combines personal finance, blockchain technology, and hands-on involvement in decentralized technologies.

The #comunidadAPRENDO represents the next step for our graduates, offering a space for continuous education, skill development through learn2earn initiatives, and networking opportunities. This community not only reinforces technical learning but also promotes personal and professional growth through collaborative and mutual support activities.

#criptoIMPULSO: This program is designed to provide economic incentives for young individuals in our #comunidadAPRENDO, allowing them to deepen their knowledge in technology and overcome the barriers imposed by vulnerability. In this way, we accompany them throughout the learning process, providing them with greater job opportunities in this growing field.


#APRENDOcripto's objectives

Introduce participants to blockchain technology and the crypto ecosystem, sharing its use cases, contributing to future-oriented education, and helping to bridge the technology gap.

Create and encourage a crypto community in the neighborhoods, uniting young people with the same interests to promote collaborative learning.

To make the participants interact with decentralized technologies and gain initial exposure to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

How are we doing it?

In a cycle of 4 in-person workshops with theoretical and practical content, participants will learn about personal finance, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence through self-organized learning pedagogical strategies.

Who is it targeted at?

Youth from vulnerable neighborhoods in Latin America. We work with local institutions that help us to recruit participants and provide a place for us to conduct the course.

#APRENDOcripto editions









#comunidadAPRENDO is a continuity program for graduates of #APRENDOcripto.

It is a learning space aimed at reducing the digital divide, facilitating access to blockchain technology education, and improving employment opportunities for young people in Latin America through the development of personal and professional skills. #comunidadAPRENDO is structured around three main pillars:


We believe that a sense of belonging is crucial to enhance personal and professional growth and development.


We offer courses thanks to the collaboration of companies that provide free spaces for our participants.


We assist young individuals in unlocking their potential and connect them with leading companies in the market.


#criptoIMPULSO's objectives

#criptoIMPULSO is a training program designed to overcome the main barriers to technological education in vulnerable contexts.

Through free courses, participants receive economic incentives for completing academic activities, along with mentors who provide support throughout the training process.

How are we doing it?

We do it through training cycles that are adapted to meet different orientations and availability of participants. The call for participation is circulated among members of the #comunidadAPRENDO.

Once the course begins, the agreed incentives are transferred to the participants based on the fulfillment of the previously agreed goals.

Our team is composed of a diverse range of professionals including social workers, programmers, engineers, political scientists, communication strategists, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts who share the same vision: to drive initiatives that use technology to contribute to social inclusion and the development of vulnerable communities.

Michel Cohen - Fundador

Michel Cohen


Sofia Ramos

Sofía Ramos

Community Outreach

Nicola profile.png

Nicola Salvagni


Tom Grau Baena

Tom Grau Baena

Executive Director

Belen profile.png

Belén Arostegui


Nico D.

Nico D.


Diego Gil

Diego Gil


Edu profile.png

Eduardo Drabble


Gonza Suarez

Gonzalo Suarez


Our Team

Damian Wasserman

Damián Wasserman

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Cecilia Chapiro

Cecilia Chapiro

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Santi Siri

Santi Siri

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Pablo Sabbatella

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Olivia Goldschmidt

Olivia Goldschmidt

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APRENDO is made possible thanks to the collaboration of the entire community.
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